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Study: Development of Plastic Packaging Efficiency - 1991-2013

This study shows how high the plastic consumption for packaging would be today without material savings.


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Study: Demand and Utilization of Carrier Bags and Vest Carrier Bags for Service Counter Goods in Germany

The study clearly shows how comparatively low consumption is in Germany.


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Study: Analysis of PVC Production, Conversion, Waste and Recovery Streams in Germany 2013

Almost 100 per cent of the PVC waste was recycled in 2013.


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Witzenhausen Study II: Scenarios for Collection, Treatment and Recovery of Plastics-rich Waste Streams - Yellow Bin

The study from 2011 includes various scenarios for the so-called recycling bin.


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Conference Proceedings of the Workshop "Using Plastic Waste Eco Efficiently - What still can be improved in Germany" (Hannover)

Experts discussed optimisation potential in Hanover in 2010.


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Witzenhausen Study I: Treatment and Recovery of Plasstics-rich Waste Streams in Germany

An analysis on the management of waste streams containing plastics in Germany (2009).


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Study: Evaluation of Thermal and Catalytic Processes for the Degradation of Plastics (TU Clausthal)

The study provides an overview of the pyrolysis processes on the market in 2009.


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Study: SRF Utilisation in SRF Power Plants in Germany. Focus: Plastics

The study provides an actual description of the utilisation of substitute fuels (2009).


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Study: Eco-efficiency Analysis: Options for Plastics Waste Treatment in Europe (Kopie)

The study deduces why a divert-from-landfill strategy helps maximise resource use.


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