What we offer

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Our expertise:

Environmental issues related to plastics, including strong expertise and experience in the recovery of plastics-rich waste. Our strengths lie in project design, project management and the organization of networks and interdisciplinary dialogues.


Our claim:

To identify opportunities and risks in an increasingly complex environment by providing facts and figures and to make them available for business decisions. We aim to analyse complex interrelationships resulting from the determining and interdependent factors - legal frameworks, markets, and technologies - specifically for your problem and to contribute to the development of optimal solutions.


Our networks:

To support individual projects, we can call on an established network that gives us access to relevant industries and companies, politicians and authorities, universities and non-government organisations. This network is also our basis for offering e.g. knowledge transfer projects in order to promote the exchange of experiences across national borders.


Our services:

  • Analysis & assessment
    We analyse and assess for you markets and technologies in connection with the recycling of plastic-containing waste. Depending on the specific problem, this includes, among other things, the identifying and characterising of relevant waste streams, processes for waste treatment and processing, processes for material recycling (in addition to mechanical recycling, also processes such as waste pyrolysis and gasification) or for energy recovery and disposal of sorting fractions.

  • Research & evaluation
    We research and evaluate for you developments at European and national level in the legal environment and other business-related issues that are connected with the recycling of plastics-containing waste. Depending on the specific issue, we can, for example, use this information to draw up an opportunity and impact analysis or an assessment of the orientation of relevant groups (stakeholder assessment).

  • Consulting
    We develop and evaluate with you and for you concepts and strategies in connection with the recovery of plastics-containing waste. Depending on the specific issue, this may take place e.g. with the aim of your company becoming operationally involved in this segment or to prepare the ground for positioning your company or segment with regard to certain politically or publicly relevant matters, and developing suitable communication activities for this.