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Aldi Süd vending machine where disposable and returnable deposit bottles can be returned

Aldi Süd tests the sale and return of reusable drinks

Since the beginning of March, the discounter Aldi Süd has been testing the sale and return of drinks in reusable packaging.

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Enlargement of an areogel, showing the sponge-like structure

Malt residues as a raw material for packaging

Swiss researchers have extracted an aerogel from brewer's grains that is said to be suitable for the production of biodegradable packaging.

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Portrait photo of Kadri Simson, Energy Commissioner of the EU Commission

EU Commission plans to capture and utilise carbon dioxide

An EU Commission draft for a carbon management strategy envisages the creation of a CO₂ internal market.

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A white and a transparent new empty plastic tray lie on a light-coloured surfaceChemical plant of BASF Corporation in Port Arthur, Texas

Carbios technology for PLA receives FDA approval

According to the company, PLA recyclates can now be used to produce food packaging in the USA.

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Bar chart on newly calculated values for the carbon footprint of naphtha, polyethylene, polypropylene and plyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Carbon footprint of fossil plastics: higher than previously assumed

Petroleum-based plastics are said to have a higher carbon footprint than previously assumed.

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A technical device with hoses and two camera lenses for sorting plastic waste

Fraunhofer project aims to leverage potential for plastics recycling

The Waste4Future lighthouse project aims to significantly increase the mechanical recycling of plastics through sensor-assisted sorting, among other things.

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Title of the study: Material flow diagram for plastics in Germany in 2023 - facts and figures on the life cycle of plastics, with a map in the background

Study plastics flow 2023: Data collection started

Data from companies involved in plastics production, processing and recycling will soon be collected again for the study.

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Plastic-wrapped portions of salad, carrots and fruit in the chiller cabinet of a supermarket

IK: Key issues paper on the PPWR

According to Euwid, the IK is once again in favour of uniform, material-neutral and enforceable packaging rules in the EU Packaging Regulation.

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A green meadow - in the background towers and buildings of a chemical plant

BASF launches ChemCycling in the USA

The chemical company has announced that it is now also marketing chemical recycling products manufactured in the USA.

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Conveyor belts and system components of a modern sorting and processing plant in a factory hall

Source One Plastics commissions new sorting and recycling plant

The plant in Eicklingen will be used to process difficult-to-recycle plastic waste for chemical recycling.

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