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Plastics in the Environment: Special Report "Pellet Losses"

Report: Special Report "Pellet Losses" (Conversio).

Published August 2022. Supplement to "From Land to Sea" and "Plastics in the Environment." 75 pages. PDF document. Can be ordered free of charge.

The special Report "Pellet Losses" is the first comprehensive study of pellet losses along the entire value chain for Germany. It is based on the models "From Land to Sea" and "Plastics in the Environment" (both of which can also be ordered from BKV) as well as on findings from other scientific studies. As a result, the special report makes it clear at which points plastic pellets can enter the environment and which entry pathways are particularly relevant. In addition, the authors make an estimate of the quantities of plastic pellets that remain in the environment (base year: 2020).