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Study: Potential for the Use of Recycled Plastics in the Production of Plastics Packaging

Published 2020. 103 pages. Price 500,- Euro (plus VAT)

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One focus of current legal initiatives at national and European level is to increase the proportion of recycled material in plastics products. Around 30 percent of the plastics processed in Germany are used in packaging. Against this background, the study commissioned by the BKV from GVM Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung mbH clarifies the market situation of plastics recyclates. The current supply and application potential of recyclates for packaging was calculated. As a prerequisite for this analysis, general requirements for the quality of the recyclates were defined on the basis of evaluated questionnaires addressed to plastics processors and put into a grid of different variants - from "moderate restrictions" to "not possible". In addition to the analysis, the study identifies bottleneck factors for the use of recyclates in packaging and gives recommendations for actions to overcome these hurdles for all actors involved.

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