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Study: Thermal Processes for Feedstock Recycling of Plastics Waste

Published in 2019. 170 Pages. Price 500,- Euro (plus VAT).

On behalf of the BKV, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has dealt with the question of the boundary conditions, under which plastic-relevant waste streams, that are not recycled today, could be recycled by feedstock recycling processes. Among other things, the focus is on waste from the mechanical recycling process and residues from the shredder light fraction. The study identified 80 processes for the feedstock treatment of plastic waste. Ultimately, however, sufficient data were only available for four processes to be able to evaluate them in the sense of the project. The object of analysis was on the one hand the degree of technological maturity (technology readiness level) and on the other hand the economic basis.


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