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Voluntary commitment of fluoropolymer manufacturers

Fluoropolymer manufacturers have developed a voluntary commitment with PFAS limits for European production sites.


The manufacturing program for European production sites was launched by the Plastics Europe Fluoropolymers Product Group (FPG), which says it represents the world's leading fluoropolymer manufacturers. It includes companies such as AGC, Arkema, Chemours, Daikin Chemical Europe, W. L. Gore & Associates and Solvay. In launching the program, the initiative aims to go beyond current European Union requirements and set the highest standards for fluoropolymer manufacturing worldwide. This, they say, is in the hope that fluoropolymers can continue to be produced in Europe in the future. With their program, FPG members aim to provide concrete solutions to "legitimate questions and concerns" about emissions that can arise from fluoropolymer production. The program, to be implemented no later than the end of 2023, includes a specific commitment to reduce emissions to the environment from fluoropolymer manufacturing, according to the FPG, and includes three pillars:

1. an industry-driven commitment to reduce the average emission factors for non-polymeric PFAS residues of polymerization auxiliaries used in the production of fluoropolymers:
- By the end of 2024, to 0.009 percent into air; 0.001 percent into water
- By the end of 2030, to 0.003 percent into the air; 0.0006 percent into the water

2. a platform to promote the adoption of commercially available state-of-the-art technologies to minimize non-polymer PFAS emissions during manufacturing.

3. a commitment to provide guidance to processors and users of fluoropolymers on the safe handling and use of fluoropolymer resins.

The manufacturing program, is said, shows that the industry is committed to the best possible emissions control. Nicolas Robin, director of the Fluoropolymers Product Group, says: "We are going far beyond the regulatory requirements to ensure that fluoropolymer production in the EU sets a new benchmark for the industry worldwide. We have listened to the concerns and feedback from stakeholders and are working hard to find solutions. We are committed to working closely with regulators and our value chain to ensure that all emissions from fluoropolymers are properly controlled throughout their lifecycle. Fluoropolymers are the foundation of many strategic technologies, and this program is designed to support their continued use as a critical and responsible foundation of our economies.“
Further information:

  • Pressrelease FPG (Sept. 21, 2023)
  • Photo: icon image,, Sam Loyd

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