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Plastics in the environment

A new report from BKV looks at the inputs of plastic waste into terrestrial and aquatic environments.


A new report prepared by Conversio GmbH on behalf of the BKV expands the BKV model "From Land into Sea", which is now well known among experts and has been revised several times. In doing so, the BKV is responding to the discussion among experts, which is now moving away from focusing solely on inputs of plastics into the oceans and calling for a more comprehensive view of inputs and fate of plastic waste in the environment.

Complementing the from-land-into-sea model and its special considerations, the new report now also addresses plastic waste that enters and remains in soils and inland waters. As with the "Land into Sea" model, however, only land-sourced plastic litter is considered here, i.e. not the inputs associated with fishing or shipping.

In addition to the "From Land into Sea" model, including special considerations, the "Plastics in the Environment" report is also closely linked to the "Material Flow Analysis Plastics in Germany 2019". Interlinked and complementary to each other, these three observations provide an overall view for plastics from production through processing, consumption and recycling to inputs into the environment.

The report comprises 96 pages. It can be ordered on the BKV website, along with the "From Land to Sea" model and the special studies. A free abridged version of the "Material Flow Diagram Plastics in Germany 2019" is available for download in English. The detailed long version with 114 pages can only be ordered in German language at a price of 450 euros (plus VAT) at the time.



  • BKV GmbH (26.4.2021)
  • Photo: © Pixelio / Uschi Dreiucker

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