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Returnable PET bottle made from 100 percent recyclate

TÖNISSTEINER is the first mineral water bottler in Germany to introduce a returnable PET bottle made from 100 percent recycled plastic.


Jointly developed by packaging and recycling company ALPLA and private fountain TÖNISSTEINER Sprudel, the returnable PET bottle is reportedly made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled material, except for the label and cap. PET recyclate (rPET) from ALPLArecycling's own production is used to make the reusable 1-liter returnable bottle, it says, and the mineral water bottle is fully recyclable at the end of its life. Laser markings are said to indicate how many times the bottle has already been filled, and the design of the rPET returnable bottle allowed the use of TÖNISSTEINER's already established 12-bottle crates. Up to 160 crates with 1,920 more bottles can reportedly be transported per truckload. With the introduction of the bottle, TÖNISSTEINER and ALPLA want to ensure an optimal "bottle-to-bottle" cycle and ensure their own high-quality rPET returnable bottle pool. According to the two companies, the rPET returnable bottle reduces CO? consumption and offers logistical advantages due to its low weight.
"TÖNISSTEINER stands for sustainable use of resources. In ALPLA, we have found an innovative partner for the launch of our first individual rPET returnable bottle. The climate-friendly bottle is perfectly matched to our sorting, filling and transport processes," explains TÖNISSTEINER Managing Director Hermann-Josef Hoppe.

  • Pressrelease ALPLA Group (Oct. 10, 2023)

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