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Recycling of rigid PUR foams

KraussMaffei, Rampf, Remondis and BASF are developing a chemical recycling process for rigid PUR foams from refrigerators.

The industrial process is expected to deliver high-quality recyclates that are comparable to plastics obtained from virgin materials. Polyurethane (PUR) from used refrigerators accumulates as grinding stock during disposal, which, according to the project partners, has so far mainly been recycled for energy. The four cooperation partners want to change that and obtain a recycled polyol using a new chemical recycling process. The raw material obtained by depolymerization is to be used in the production of PUR materials to close the material cycle. Initial trials are said to have been successful. Each stage of the recycling process is to be evaluated ecologically and economically. The collection and dismantling of the old refrigerators and freezers will be carried out by Remondis Electrorecycling GmbH in Lünen. RAMPF Eco Solutions GmbH, Pirmasens, is contributing its experience in the chemical recycling of polyurethane and PET residues to the project. The Munich-based mechanical engineering company KraussMaffei is responsible for developing the technology as well as efficient overall technical concepts in plastics plant engineering. BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, Lemförde, Germany, will take over the chemical testing and qualitative evaluation of the recyclate obtained.



  • (Oct. 7, 2022)
  • Photo: © BASF

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