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Recyclable reusable transport box

The reusable transport box is reportedly made of mono-material and is 100 percent materially recyclable.

It was developed and patented by researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF together with Berges GbR (Darmstadt). The reusable transport solution for sensitive goods can reportedly be folded and stacked. It also meets special transport safety requirements, is said. A reversibly inflatable bubble wrap, which lines the box, is said to wrap around the packaged goods when inflated, ensuring a high level of transport protection. According to the developers, the air cushion is made of the same material as the outer packaging. Thereby the entire system consisted of a mono-material that was ideal for recycling. The box is said to be an alternative to outer packaging such as cardboard boxes and conventional cushioning and filling material consisting of plastic flakes and films, air cushions, corrugated cardboard or wood wool. It was suitable for transporting goods such as sensitive machine or electronic parts, works of art, high-quality food specialties or fragile goods of high individual value. To further develop the transport box, Fraunhofer LBF is looking for application partners who want to work with the institute to design individual, customized solutions.


  • (July 29, 2022)
  • Photo: © Fraunhofer LBF/K. Raapke

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