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Prezero puts new LVP sorting plant into operation

Up to 120,000 tons of LVP from the yellow bag will be processed annually at the facility in Eitting, Bavaria.


The plant, which went into operation in mid-January after just under a year of construction, reportedly cost 40 million euros and employs 50 people. It was built in Eitting, near Munich, on the site of a partner company and can operate 365 days a year, according to Prezero. Packaging waste from the yellow bag would be sorted at the plant into a total of 18 different fractions according to plastic type (including polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene and polystyrene) and additionally by color. Black scans would also be used to sort out black plastics in the sorting process. Sorting robots support quality control and re-sorting, and manual sorting is said to be largely dispensed with. With the Etting plant, Prezero says it now has a total sorting capacity of 600,000 tons of LVP per year in Germany. Christian Kampmann, head of Prezero's Sorting business unit (pictured left next to Dietmar Böhm, Prezero business manager, and Stephan Garvs, managing director of Prezero Dual at the opening of the plant in Eitting), said of the choice of location that it closed a geographical gap. Prezero recycling plants in Austria and Italy are also very easy to reach from Eitting, he said.



  • (Jan. 20, 2022)
  • Photo: @ Prezero

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