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LyondellBasell builds pyrolysis plant near Cologne

The chemicals group plans to start building a large-scale plant for the chemical recycling of plastic waste in Wesseling.


At the end of last week, LyondellBasell announced the final investment decision for the construction of the plant, which will utilise the company's Moretec process for the chemical recycling of plastic waste. The process was reportedly developed by LyondellBasell to convert plastic waste into pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis gas. These are to be used in the company's crackers as a starting material for the production of new plastics. The new plant with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes will then process pre-treated plastic waste for the production of new plastics from the end of 2025. The German joint venture Source One Plastics, founded by LyondellBasell and 23 Oaks Investment, will supply the plant with plastic waste. Source One Plastics is reportedly planning to build a facility to recycle plastic packaging waste, which is generally not recycled today and consists of materials such as multi-layer food packaging or mixed plastic containers.

  • LyondellBasell press release (Nov. 18, 2023)
  • Photo: © LyondellBasell

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