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Kaufland supports "Mülltrennung wirkt"

With posters in its stores and radio spots, Kaufland informs its customers how to separate packaging correctly.


At an average of 30 percent, the proportion of residual waste in the yellow garbage can or yellow sack remains high. With Kaufland, the initiative of the dual systems "Mülltrennung wirkt" (Waste separation works) has now gained another major partner to educate consumers on how to separate sales packaging correctly and thus make an active contribution to climate protection. The Schwarz Group, which includes Kaufland, had recently reaffirmed its commitment to promoting the circular economy with its cross-group plastics strategy REset Plastic. Through its environmental division PreZero, the group says it is well aware of the requirements of the recycling process. Proper waste separation, in which everyone participates, is essential to keep as many recyclables as possible in the cycle, according to the mercantile concern, which has set itself the goal under REset of using at least 20 percent recyclate in the packaging of its own brands by 2025. Axel Subklew, spokesman for the "Müllltrennung wirkt" initiative, is pleased about the new partnership with Kaufland, which would significantly increase the initiative's reach: "The more consumers we educate about proper waste separation and motivate to join in, the greater the effect on the environment, resources and the climate," says Subklew.



  • (19.8.2021)
  • Photo: © Kaufland

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