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Interzero & Coveris: strategic recycling partnership

The cooperation between the two companies aims to close plastic loops.

The German circular economy service provider Interzero and the Austrian specialist for flexible packaging solutions Coveris want to avoid waste of all kinds and close plastic loops through their cooperation. In future, the post-consumer plastic waste collected and sorted by Interzero are to be processed into high-quality recyclates in Coveris' ReCover plants and then reused for the production of Coveris packaging. The ReCover recycling process from Coveris would enable significant progress to be made on the road to "No Waste", the statement continues. Christian Kolarik, CEO of Coveris, explains: "By integrating well-sorted post-consumer waste into our recycling processes, we are taking an important step towards closing the loop completely." The cooperation between Coveris and Interzero is also said to bring benefits for the entire value chain. Among other things, it contributed to achieving sustainability goals such as reducing the carbon footprint, avoiding waste, securing raw materials and complying with packaging and waste regulations. "We are delighted to be able to use our expertise in waste collection and sorting to produce high-quality recyclates together with Coveris. Our common goal is to make a significant contribution to waste prevention and thus to the circular economy," emphasizes Jan Kroker, CEO of Interzero.

  • Interzero press release (17.6.2024)
  • Photo: © Interzero

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