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From foil to foil

Nestlé, Papier Mettler and Grüner Punkt have developed an LDPE shrink film that will be made of half recyclates.


Part of the recyclates is said to be obtained from plastic waste collected in the yellow bag or yellow garbage can, which has been considered problematic to use for new films, he said. According to Jörg Deppmeyer, managing director of Grüner Punkt, this represents a "breakthrough in the recycling of film waste from the yellow bag," in which technical innovations have made it possible to produce a particularly pure LDPE recyclate from Grüner Punkt's Systalen® brand, which then could be used in films. "Our Systalen offers clear benefits for the environment and demonstrably closes the loop from film back to film," explains Jörg Deppmeyer. According to Green Dot, there are still no functioning cycles for film waste, and recyclates from films would have hardly ever been used again in films. Progress in the recycling of film waste, which accounts for the largest share of the collection volume, were also necessary in order to meet the requirements of the European Union and the German Packaging Act. Together with the partners, industrial-scale application is now being tackled, is said. Papier-Mettler KG uses the LDPE to produce shrink films that are to be used to secure Maggie trays for transport at its Singen plant (see photo). For Nestlé, the project with Grüner Punkt and Mettler represented a milestone, also in light of the company's commitment to reduce the use of virgin plastics by one-third by 2025, says Tim Jünemann of Nestlé Deutschland AG.



  • (9/21/2021)
  • Photo: © Maggie

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