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First plant for hydrothermal recycling from Mura

Mura has commissioned a plant in the UK that uses a chemical recycling process developed in-house.


British company Mura Technology has developed a process that can reportedly convert plastic waste into oil in 30 minutes. Supercritical water (water at high temperature and high pressure) would be used to convert products such as films, pots or cups made from multi-layer mixed plastics into recycled hydrocarbon raw materials in virgin quality. Mura's recycling process, known as the "Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution" (HydroPRSTM), would now being used in a commercial plant in Teesside in the north-east of the UK, which is expected to have an annual capacity of 20,000 tons. According to Mura, the technology allows the same material to be recycled an unlimited number of times. The company believes its process has the potential to significantly reduce single-use plastics and permanently increase the recyclability of materials in the plastics industry. "Today's commissioning of our first next-generation recycling plant is a ground-breaking achievement and the culmination of a four-year commitment. Our HydroPRSTM process opens up a new market for plastic waste, creates added value and ensures the resource cycle for both plastic and CO2," emphasizes Mura CEO Steve Mahon.
Mura's cooperation partners include the German plastics company Igus, Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem), the South Korean company LG Chem and the US chemicals group Dow. The first deliveries to partners in the plastics industry are said to be planned for early 2024, including Dow as the main customer. In the long term, the plant in Teesside is to be expanded to an annual capacity of up to 80,000 tons. Together with Dow, Mura is also planning the construction of five further HydroPRS plants with annual capacities of up to 120,000 tons each at various locations in the USA and Europe by 2030. There are said to be already concrete plans for such a plant in Böhlen in Saxony.

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