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Eckes-Granini already converts to deposit for juice

Even before the mandatory deposit, which will apply from January 2021, the beverage producer is converting its brands to deposits.


The mandatory deposit on non-refillable plastic bottles will be extended to juices and nectars on January 1, 2022. Eckes-Granini Germany expressly welcomes this amendment to the Packaging Act as a long overdue step on the road to closed cycles and more sustainable packaging solutions. Managing Director Kay Fischer says, "As a company, we are actively committed to sustainability and have also made a strong case for the juice pledge." The company says it plans to gradually convert its brands and made a start with "FruchtTiger" on July 19. The Granini brand is to follow in August and hohes C from September. Consumers will be informed of the change with deposit notices on bottle labels, as well as signs and QR codes on shelves. According to Eckes-Granini, the juice deposit will bring an additional 45,000 tons of PET back into the food packaging recycling loop. As a result, more recycled PET (rPET) were basically available for the closed-loop recycling system. By the end of 2022, the beverage manufacturer also plans to use only PET bottles made from 100 percent rPET for all its German brands. Eckes-Granini is reportedly producing its hohes C brand bottles from 100 percent rPET as early as 2021.



  • (02.08.2021)
  • Photo: © Eckes-Granini

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