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BASF with new partner for "ChemCycling"

BSH Hausgeräte uses RE-EPS produced from pyrolysis oil from BASF.

BASF and BSH Hausgeräte are working together on the ChemCycle project: Since April 1, BSH Hausgeräte has been using expanded polystyrene (EPS) for the packaging material of certain large appliances, for the production of which a raw material from the chemical recycling of plastic waste is used. According to BASF, a quantity of the so-called pyrolysis oil required in production replaces fossil raw materials that would otherwise be used. The proportion of recycled raw materials would be determined using a mass balance approach, as it would mix with fossil raw materials in production and would not be indistinguishable from them. The product would be certified at the end, as would the attribution process, by the independent Ecoloop certification program. The pyrolysis oil used were obtained from mixed plastic waste that would otherwise be recycled for energy or landfilled. According to the company, the production of RE-EPS, which BASF calls Styropor®CcycledTM, saves at least 50 percent CO2 compared to conventional Styropor.



  • (3/30/2021)
  • Photo: ©BASF

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