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Aid for the procurement of recycled products

The German UBA has published a handout for public procurement of products made from recycled materials.


According to the publisher, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), public procurement with demand for plastic products containing recyclates can make an important contribution to the recycling of plastics. With the annual procurement volumes, public procurement was a very important player in this regard. According to the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz (Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act), federal institutions and subordinate authorities are even obliged to give preference in procurement to ecologically advantageous products that contain recyclates, for example.

The new UBA handout is intended to help solve practical problems in implementation, such as obtaining information on plastic recyclates in products. The handout "Procurement of plastic products from post-consumer recyclates", which can be downloaded free of charge, not only provides information on possible proof of recyclate content and regulations under public procurement law, but also gives recommendations on organisation options for procurement and finally contains concrete formulation proposals for invitations to tender for eight plastic products relevant to procurement. In particular, this concerns products made of plastics produced using recyclates from post-consumer waste.


More information: Download brochure (German language)



  • (11/8/2021)
  • Photo: © UBA (excerpt cover)

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