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Zurich collects plastic waste in the "Pinkbag"

Together with the start-up Mr. Green, the city in Switzerland is testing a new recycling system.

From now on, Zurich residents can collect all plastic packaging in pink bags and drop them off at health food stores in the city. PET beverage bottles are excluded, for which there are separate collection systems in Switzerland. In the "Pinkbags" not only plastic waste, but also beverage cartons are to be collected. This will close a gap in the city's recycling system, is said. According to Mr. Green, the pink bag is a cooperation with the Swiss collection system "Bring Plastic back" and is intended to strengthen the recycling of plastics in the country. So far, less than 20 percent of all plastics were recycled in Switzerland. Zurich households can obtain the pink collection bags from health food stores in the city or from Mr. Green's online store. The pink collection bags would also be available from the Stash delivery service, which would take one filled bag per order. Mr. Green says it also offers the service on a subscription basis for existing collection areas, and then collects the pink bags along with other waste bags on a normal collection cycle.


  • (August 3, 2022)
  • Photo: © Mr. Green

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