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ZSVR: Minimum standards are revised

The Central Office is revising the minimum standards for measuring recycling-friendly packaging design.


To a certain extent, the minimum standard is the prerequisite for the incentive design of the system operators. According to Section 21 of the Packaging Act, the dual systems must create incentives via the participation fees to use such materials in the production of packaging subject to system requirements that can be recycled as far as possible. To this end, the paper provides a description of the process for measuring the recyclability of packaging and specifies test criteria. According to the Central Packaging Register Foundation (ZSVR), the draft paper prepared by the expert group headed by Ulrich Schlotter, head of projects at the BKV, can still be commented on until July 16 as part of the consultation process. As before, the new version dated June 8 was prepared in consultation with the Federal Environment Agency.


The paper and further information on the consultation process can be found at:



  •, Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 24/2021 (15.6.2021)
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