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ZSVR digitally networked with state authorities

The "Lucid" portal makes enforcement of packaging law violations faster and easier.


Violations of the Packaging Act are becoming riskier: According to press reports, the new "Lucid Behördenportal" of the Central Packaging Register Office (ZSVR) has been active since April 12. This enables the Central Office to transmit suspicious cases more quickly to the respective state authority, which significantly simplifies enforcement, according to ZSVR board member Gunda Rachut. Most employees of the state authorities had personalized access to download and process documents on suspicious cases stored there. The portal also increased the security of data transmission.

In 2019, the ZSVR said it had identified around 6,000 suspected violations of the Packaging Act regulations and informed the authorities, Kunststoff Information reported. Violations would mostly be prosecuted as administrative offenses.


  • (21.4.2021)
  • KI (22.4.2021)
  • Photo: © ZSVR

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