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ZSVR awarded for analysis platform

A user team from the Central Register has been honored for the CLAIR platform at the "Best Data Project Award".

The interdepartmental user team of the Central Register of Packaging (ZSVR) received second place in the "medium-sized companies" category for the CLAIR analysis platform from the German IT users' association "VOICE", according to the Central Register. According to the information, the tool can be used to detect free riders who violate the packaging law. The starting point of the CLAIR project was the data-based and automated identification of companies that are obliged to participate in the system and do not fulfill their obligation to pay license fees for packaging they put on the market. CLAIR allows data on free riders to be located in the system and made available to enforcement authorities, according to ZSVR. The tool is used to fully automate the analysis of millions of packaging records and text documents, meeting ZSVR's goal of ensuring that companies required to participate in the system pay for packaging recycling. Through the platform, the cross-departmental project team reportedly links data from the Lucid packaging register with external data sources that are structured and analyzed. Analyses based on algorithms can then reveal when company data or reports on packaging volumes are incomplete or incorrect, is said. Commenting on her team's award, Gunda Rachut, executive director of ZSVR, said, "We were able to hold our own in the diverse environment of the German IT and digital community, which makes us very proud. CLAIR is a Big Data project without a big budget. This is only possible with agile working methods that make extensive use of both digitization and automation. Our interdisciplinary teams are highly motivated in their work, they have outgrown themselves. I am therefore delighted that this award honors this incredible commitment."


  • (Nov. 16, 2022)
  • Photo: © ZSVR

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