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Yellow bag is becoming scarce

Shortages of raw materials and disrupted supply chains are causing regional bottlenecks in the supply of yellow sac.


Since last autumn, the BDE, the Federal Association of the German Waste Management, Water and Raw Materials Industry, has been observing regional bottlenecks, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, for example, quotes a spokesperson for the association. Shortages of raw materials in the producing countries as well as problems with energy supply and disrupted supply chains are among the reasons. The misuse of yellow bags in Germany also contributes to the shortage. However, the shortage only occurs regionally and is compensated for in some regions by the use of other transparent sacks, the BDE emphasises.

According to the BDE, yellow sacks are still used in about 200 of the 400 contract areas of the dual systems. More recently, it said, sacks have been replaced by bins in 80 municipalities, a trend that could increase due to the current shortage of yellow sacks.



  • (30.5.2022)
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung (31.5.2022)
  • Foto: © Fotolia

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