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VDI paper on the circular economy for plastics

A green paper published by the Association of German Engineers e. V. (VDI) defines four key fields of action for the transformation to the Circular Economy.


Entitled "Rethinking the Circular Economy for Plastics. How the transformation to circular value creation can succeed," the VDI has published the results and recommendations for action that experts from industry, politics, science and NGOs developed as part of a round table initiated by the VDI. The participants in the round table and the authors of the paper, which is intended to present the results of a dialog process lasting over two years in condensed form, include Dr. Jürgen Bruder, former general manager of IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V., Prof. Martin Faulstich, director of INZIN e.V. Institute for the Future of Industrial Society, Dr. Franziska Krüger and Dr. Alexander Janz from the Federal Environment Agency, Dr. Michael Heyde (ALPLA), Dr. Manfred Renner from the Fraunhofer Institute Umsicht and Dr. Hartmut Pflaum from the Fraunhofer Institute CCPE, as well as Matthias Lesch, Managing Director of the Pöppelmann Group. Using a cycle diagram, the authors of the Green Paper describe and illustrate the tasks and responsibilities of those involved in the cycle. In order to keep plastics in the cycle as far as possible, the authors believe that holistic approaches are needed that are aimed at transforming the entire system. The expert group names the following as priority fields of action: (re)organizing the plastics industry for the cycle, making closing the cycle the task of all stakeholders, creating regulatory incentives for a circular plastics industry and designing products for the cycle.


Further information: to download the VDI Green Paper (in German)



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