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Using AI to increase recyclate use

The BMBF is funding a research project whose goal is a digital system to strengthen plastics recycling.


For the research project "Circularity Optimization for Plastics" (Cyclops), which will run until May 31, 2023, the SKZ Plastics Center and the project partners GreenDelta, Cirplus and the Wuppertal Institute will receive funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Those involved in the project are using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a digital twin of secondary raw materials to facilitate the recycling of plastics. A digital system, is designed to inform plastics processors, reprocessors and waste producers about the properties and processing options of secondary raw materials, thus supporting the economically viable use of plastic waste and recyclates. AI-based data processing and analysis methods shall enable the evaluation of materials and forecast supply and demand, increasing transparency and information sharing in the recyclables cycle.



  • (20.7.2021)
  • Photo: © SKZ

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