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Up to 100 million euros investment in LDPE recycling

Investment company Ara Partners is investing in the development of a platform for recycling LDPE plastic waste, according to Euwid.

In early January, Ara Partners provided information about its plans to build a "pan-European platform" for recycling low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic waste. Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Repeats Group is to receive funding of up to €100 million to build new capacity, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. According to the investor, Repeats will focus on "core European markets" with high population density and underserved LDPE recycling capacity. Repeats Group CEO Greg Rung said, "The need for an effective, circular solution to the growing plastic waste problem is enormous, and European businesses, consumers and governments are united in their efforts to increase the use of recycled plastics. We are seeking to partner with leading manufacturers of consumer products, petrochemicals and plastic packaging to create a high-quality source of supply available throughout Europe." He said his leadership team has strong relationships with European plastics collection organizations, processors and consumer goods manufacturers. Repeats will focus on LDPE waste from the commercial sector, according to Rung. According to press reports, it will build capacity to recover around 60,000 metric tons of rLDPE per year and will soon announce the first two sites for related facilities.



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