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Trend study on chemical recycling

According to a recent study by Ecoprog, there are more than 90 projects on chemical recycling for plastics worldwide.

The "Chemical Recycling Trend Study" by consulting firm Ecoprog examines the technical fundamentals, market factors, development status, plant inventory, projects and competition in the field of chemical recycling. According to the study, more than 90 chemical recycling projects were planned worldwide at the end of 2021, a majority of them in Europe. More than 20 plants were reported to be in operation, most of them for further research into the technology. As the most important driver of the dynamic development the authors of the study see the potential of chemical recycling in plastics production, combined with possible recyclate use rates. The chemical industry and the petroleum industry, which produce plastics or provide the petroleum-derived raw material for them, therefore showed particular commitment. The companies were now hoping for recognition of chemical recycling in the waste hierarchy, as agreed, for example, in the coalition agreement of the new traffic light government in Germany. According to the study authors, chemical recycling is a potential key technology in the future production of plastics, which could account for large market shares in the coming years.



  • Kunststoff Information, (Feb. 21, 2021)
  • Symbol image, Dieter Schütz,

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