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Total Energies joins recycling initiative

The energy company has joined the Nextloopp initiative, which aims to obtain food-grade recyclate from polypropylene through mechanical recycling.


Total Energies plans to use the technological partnership to accelerate the feasibility testing of mechanical recycling projects for food contact and further expand its recently launched Re:use polymers range, which includes mechanically recycled raw materials, according to Nathalie Brunelle, senior vice president polymers at Total Energies. The collaboration is also expected to contribute to the group's goal of producing 30 percent circular polymers by 2030. Launched in October 2020 by consultancy Nextek, Nextloopp is an international project aimed at producing high-quality PP recyclate suitable for food-grade applications and derived from post-consumer packaging material. The initiative reportedly now brings together 48 companies from the plastics value chain. To meet stringent food standards, the project reportedly uses technologies that can sort out and decontaminate PP from post-consumer material. On the background contamination of post-consumer PP packaging, Nextloopp says it has recently completed a study for submission to food safety authorities in Europe (EFSA), the United States (USFDA) and the United Kingdom (UK FSA).



  • (Jan. 10, 2023)
  • Image: © Nextloopp


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