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Switzerland: RecyPac organization founded

RecyPac is to organize the collection of plastic packaging and beverage cartons throughout Switzerland.


ZTo implement a circular economy for plastic packaging and beverage cartons, producers and stakeholders in the value chain have founded the new association RecyPac - Kreislauf Plastik und Getränkekarton, according to a press release. The newly founded organization aimed to establish nationwide collection and recycling in Switzerland. In future, it will coordinate the collection and recycling of plastic packaging (excluding PET beverage bottles) and beverage cartons in Switzerland. One of the aims of RecyPac is to establish an efficient recycling system by 2030 and achieve recycling rates of 55% for plastics and 70% for beverage cartons. All plastic packaging (except PET beverage bottles) and beverage cartons are to be collected in a chargeable bag and taken to collection points.
According to the information provided, the organization is a voluntary industry solution involving the entire process chain from packaging manufacturers to bottlers, retailers, local authorities and recyclers. The establishment of collection and recycling loops should also go hand in hand with increasing the recyclability of products in order to close loops holistically, it is said.

  • RecyPac press release (Dec. 1, 2023)
  • Photo: © RecyPac

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