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Special additives for plastic recyclates

Baerlocher GmbH offers plastic additives designed to improve the properties of recyclates.


During K 2022, Baerlocher had announced collaborations with Envision Plastics, Bekum America, W. Müller and ExxonMobil Chemical. The aim of these collaborations was to develop new sustainable plastics for the packaging industry through the use of stabilization solutions that the company is developing, is said. In the cooperation with blow molding technology supplier W. Müller, for example, tests have reportedly shown that the recyclates equipped with Baeropol T-Blends are suitable for producing bottles with a quality equivalent to virgin material. Baerlocher's additives can be used to optimize properties of recycled high-density polyethylene (r-HDPE) used in extrusion blow molding, according to the company. "In the past, the fluctuating quality of PCR material has limited its use in extrusion blow molding," said Andreas Holzner, global head of the Special Additives Business Unit at Baerlocher. "In collaboration with industry leaders, Baerlocher continues to invest in the development of innovative applications that increase the value of recycled HDPE and expand its applications in extrusion blow molding." According to the manufacturer, Baeropol T-Blends are based on a technology that can achieve stabilization of PCR content that could be used for a variety of packaging applications. This would enable companies to meet global demands for greater supplier responsibility and better support the circular economy.


  • EU-Recycling Magazin 12/2022
  • Photo: © Baerlocher

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