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Separation of multilayer and mono films

A separation plant developed by is said to make it possible to separate multilayer and mono films.


According to the company, the plant can separate mono films from multilayer films, allowing mono materials to be recycled. According to, the process was developed together with the Zittau-based Institute for Process Development, Recycling Management, Surface Technology and Natural Materials Research (Zirkon) at the Zittau-Görlitz University of Applied Sciences as part of a research project and aims to increase the recycled content of polyolefins. According to, the process steps are based on machines for wind sifting and dry cleaning, which have been adapted to the method and processing of films with large volumes and low bulk weights. In the first step, the films are reportedly shredded, and the shredded material was then conditioned in an advanced dry cleaner. In the next process step, the material is said to be fed to a further developed air classifier in which it is separated into multilayer and mono materials. The monomaterial fraction thus obtained could be regranulated and blown back into tubular film. The monomaterial film obtained from the process could be reused to make bags or sacks, is said.



  • (March 17, 2023)
  • Photo: © Technology


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