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Sabic, Mars & Landbell: "Breakthrough in chemical recycling"

The companies are announcing packaging for Mars products that will contain chemically recycled material, according to Euwid.

In packaging for its Kind snack bar brand, food company Mars is said to use chemically recycled material in the coming weeks, according to the announcement, for which dual system Landbell has collected post-consumer waste and which has been reprocessed by Sabic into certified polypropylene (PP). The food-grade PP recyclate, is said, was obtained by recycling used mixed plastics from packaging waste, which is converted to pyrolysis oil in a pyrolysis process. The oil could be used as a feedstock for new packaging and products, the companies say. According to the cooperation partners, these should meet the strictest quality requirements, such as certain hygiene standards for food packaging. "Used mixed plastics from flexible consumer packaging are difficult to sort and mechanically recycle," says Uwe Echteler, chief operating officer of Landbell Group. "We are very excited about this groundbreaking closed-loop recycling project, which demonstrates the feasibility and speed in implementing innovative closed-loop solutions for plastics when leading players from across the value chain work closely together," adds Sabic manager Lada Kurelec, and Barry Parkin, chief procurement & sustainability officer at Mars, expresses his belief that new solutions and infrastructure are needed to transform the recycling landscape and complement mechanical recycling.


  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 45/2022 (Nov. 8, 2022)
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