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"Rheinkrake" fishes waste out of the river

The Cologne-based association Krake has put a floating "trap" for plastic waste into operation in the north of the city.

The Rheinkrake, which the association says was built on the British model, is to fish waste out of the river around the clock north of Cologne's Zoobrücke bridge at Rhine kilometer 690.30. Due to the bend in the Rhine, the current there is to be particularly favorable for catching as much waste as possible with a basket that is attached between two floating bodies and opened against the direction of flow. The basket is designed to catch plastic floating on the water surface without endangering fish and birds. The project is supported by Cologne-based plastics specialist Igus, whose stated aim is to promote a circular economy for plastics.

The Rhine octopus is to be emptied once a week. According to the association, the collected waste will be recorded and scientifically evaluated in cooperation with the University of Bonn. The plan is to use the findings to conduct a long-term study on plastic waste in the Rhine.



  • (Sep. 19, 2022)
  • Photo: © Igus

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