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Rewindo: more recycling volume

Despite Corona, Rewindo reports an eight percent increase in PVC recycling in 2020.


Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, the recycling volume of old PVC windows, doors and shutters increased significantly by eight percent in 2020, according to Michael Vetter, managing director of Rewindo Fenster-Recycling-Service, even though several construction projects were postponed last year due to Corona. Overall, he said, the recycling volume increased to 38,263 tons of PVC recyclates from post-consumer waste, which is equivalent to about two million old windows. Pre-consumer profile cuttings and production residues accounted for 97,228 tons, he said.

Rewindo said it has recently become part of the "Reco Trace" data collection system, meaning that data on the recycling volumes of Rewindo's partners for 2020 has been recorded in a standardized manner across Europe for the first time, and the data has been fed into the newly established PolyREC overview. PolyREC was established in March 2021 by VinylPlus, Petcore Europe, to collect all relevant plastics recycling data on a common platform from now on.


  • KI (11/03/2021)
  • (10/28/2021)
  • Photo: © Rewindo

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