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Recycling poducts at Lidl

Prezero brings household goods made from recycled plastic to market.

The discounter Lidl and Kaufland have recently started selling household goods made from recycled packaging from private households. The range includes clothes hangers, bins and storage boxes. From the packaging waste collected and sorted by Prezero, the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, two of the group's own recycling plants in Europe produce the necessary regranulate. According to Prezero, at least 95 per cent of the products made from this waste consists of these regranulates.
Prezero's activities are also expanding in other directions: for example, the Schwarz Group company reports the commissioning of its new sorting centre for light packaging (LVP) in Evergem, Belgium. The sorting capacity is to be 80,000 tonnes per year. 26 NIR devices are to be able to separate the LVP waste into 14 fractions. In addition, robots are said to be able to sort out beverage cartons, PET trays and PE-HD packaging.
Prezero also reports activities in Sweden, where the acquisition of Suez's waste management and recycling division was completed in December 2020. Since then, the integration of the 50 sites with 1,100 Suez employees were being driven forward. The name Suez has already been officially changed to PreZero Recycling AB.


  • (24.2.2021)
  • KI (25.2.2021)
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