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Recycling of EPS from the yellow bag

According to IK, a pilot project has shown that recycling EPS from the yellow bag pays off both ecologically and economically.

In the pilot project, which German manufacturers of packaging made of EPS (Styropor) carried out together with LVP sorting plant operators, EPS packaging was first sorted out by type using infrared technology, the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. reports. The sorted material was then granulated in an extruder, foamed and processed into recycled EPS (rEPS). The rEPS can also be used to manufacture new packaging again, according to the information. Currently, the pilot project is being further modified and optimized, according to IK. The results are to be made available to interested dual systems and LVP plant operators. Separate sorting of EPS packaging from the yellow bag was previously considered too costly and not profitable, it says. According to IK, the experience gained from the pilot project has now provided evidence that it makes ecological and economic sense to sort EPS from the yellow bag and then recycle it.



  •, Pressrelease IK (Sep. 29, .2022)
  • Photo: © IK

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