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Recyclable spray head containing recyclates

The spray head is said to be fully recyclable and to contain recyclates in its mechanical components for the first time.

U.S. packaging manufacturer Berry Global and detergent manufacturer Werner & Mertz reportedly jointly developed the new spray pump. It is said to be made of 97.6 percent polypropylene (PP), while the valves, 2.4 percent of the total weight, are made of polyethylene (PE). Both polymers belong to the same group, the development partners emphasize, and therefore do not have to be separated during recycling. The new spray head also contains almost 30 percent PP recyclate and thus, for the first time, a high recyclate content in the mechanical components of the pump system. Since PP recyclates have different technical properties than virgin plastics, new designs were necessary due to the properties of the significantly softer recyclates, the developers emphasize. The new spray head is to be used successively with all cleaner bottles of the "Frosch," "Green Care Professional" and "Tana Professional" brands. Only recently, it was awarded the German Packaging Prize, the companies point out.



  • Kunststoff Information (Sep. 27, 2022)
  • Photo: © Werner & Mertz

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