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PlasticsEurope Germany with new chairman

Dr. Ralf Düssel is the new chairman of the board of the association of plastics producers in Germany.

Dr. Ralf Düssel (55) was elected as the new chairman of the board by the general meeting of the PlasticsEurope Deutschland association in Hamburg, replacing the previous chairman Dr. Michael Zobel. Following his election, Düssel, who holds a doctorate in process engineering, said: "Our industry is undergoing a transformation towards a circular and climate-neutral industry. With climate-friendly solutions or the use of alternative raw materials, we are actively driving this important transformation - and in an increasingly volatile market environment. The fact is that the crucial course for the future of our industry is being set right now, and I'm looking forward to being at the forefront of it." Düssel is also a member of the steering committee of Plastics Europe, the pan-European association of plastics producers in Brussels. Düssel has held various management positions at specialty chemicals group Evonik since 2005, where he has been responsible for the global high-performance polymers business for more than four years. In previous positions, Düssel served as site manager at Degussa Waterford in the U.S. and for several years as division manager at Degussa Marl & Hanau.


  • Pressrelease PlasticsEurope Germany (May 5, 2022)
  • Photo: © PlasticsEurope Deutschland

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