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Plastics producers extend sponsorship

In 2021, the Association of Plastics Manufacturers and the Canoe Association will continue their cooperation.

In the current difficult times, PlasticsEurope Germany and the German Canoe Association (DKV) have again agreed on a contract extension. A joint meeting was not possible, and the leading international water sports fair was also cancelled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, they are pleased that the common path continues, comments Ingemar Bühler, Chief Executive Officer of the Plastics Producers Association. In addition to supporting the likeable and high-performance athletes in canoeing in Germany, the commitment of Team Kunststoff to the protection of the environment and in particular of the waters is "simply a common natural concern" for plastics producers and canoeists, Bühler continues. As DKV President Thomas Konietzko emphasises, "especially during the pandemic, the reliability of our partnership is of utmost importance". In addition to the hopefully numerous sporting successes, he too emphasises the joint projects for water protection. "These heterogeneous common goals ultimately make up our successful partnership," says the DKV President.

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  • PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. (4.2.2021)

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