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Plastics and packaging in dialogue

IK's Mara Hancker was a guest on several podcast episodes about plastics and packaging.

In the podcast "Plastics: Inquired About" from SKZ Kunststoff-Zentrum Mara Hancker, head of communications at the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen, talked about plastic packaging, its image and Fridays for Future issues with the podcast team and Andreas Büttner, group leader of education in materials, compounding and extrusion at SKZ. A two-parter on the "Future of Plastic Packaging" in the podcast "Kunststoff DIALOG" of the magazine Kunststoffe and the SKZ deals in the first part, among other things, with questions such as what future plastics have in the packaging sector and how this can look. How a circular economy for plastics can succeed is also one of the topics of the first part. Answers to the questions of Susanne Schröder, editor-in-chief of Kunststoffe, and Alexander Hefner, SKZ employee, are also provided here by Mara Hancker, this time together with the managing director of the machine manufacturer Kiefel GmbH, Thomas Halletz. The second part of the podcast episode is about the use of biopolymers in the packaging sector, the obstacles in the use of recyclate and the design of political framework conditions.
Further information: to the podcast episodes (in German)


  • (Nov. 16, 2022)
  • Photo: © IK

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