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Plasticpreneur wants to encourage plastics recycling worldwide

The aim of the Austrian social & green tech company, Plasticpreneur GmbH, based in Klagenfurt, is to create low-threshold, inexpensive access to the recycling of plastics. For this purpose, the company, which was founded in January 2020, has developed small-scale plastics recycling machines and moulding tools, which are said to be in use through the world.

At its site in Klagenfurt, Plasticpreneur manufactures small, handy, easy-to-operate plastics recycling machines and the appropriate product moulds, with which the company wants to provide worldwide access to uncomplicated independent and decentralised plastics recycling, above all in the countries of the global south. The team at Plasticpreneur also wants to offer access to the corresponding know-how and, in this process, to also shape the awareness of the people so that they handle the material responsibly and sustainably in the sense of a circular economy. Apart from that, connected with the access to recycling in regions with a weak infrastructure, it aims to create jobs and training opportunities along the value chain of plastics recycling. The start-up company, which also works with companies, universities and organisations and claims to be active in more than 90 countries to drive the circular economy for plastics forward, supports the development of local solutions, including projects in developing countries such as Uganda. There, for example, recycling machines and moulding tools from Plasticpreneur are used to turn plastic waste into products such as paving stones or fence posts. According to reports, the machines and product moulds from Plasticpreneur are, because of their varied possibilities for use and their uncomplicated handling, much in demand in Europe, for example by small companies, product designers and product developers, and by training facilities. Since mid-2022, the Austrian recycling technology developer Erema Group has held a minority interest in Plasticpreneur GmbH.
The company has already received several awards for its international commitment, and has also taken part in exhibitions such as Expo 2020 in Dubai. Most recently, at the end of November 2023, Raphaela Egger, Sören Lex and Florian Mikl received an award from the Austrian economics magazine Businessart as "Sustainable designers 2023". The 53-strong jury elected Plasticpreneur as a company with a business model that offers tailor-made solutions for the local needs, and also focuses on saving resources as well as on consulting, training and discussion.

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