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PET to PET: Record quantity in the first half of the year

Around 15,100 tons of PET beverage bottles, more than ever before, were recycled in Austria in the first half of the year, according to PET to PET.

This represents an increase of more than five percent in the recycling rate compared to 2019, following the pandemic-related decline, explains managing director Christian Strasser (pictured left), adding, "The PET bottle cycle in Austria is a showcase for how high-quality packaging can be kept in the loop, and a best-practice example for many other packaging plastics." Most of the beverage packaging placed on the market in Austria would already consist of high-quality reprocessed used beverage bottles. Austria had already achieved the EU target for 2030, according to which the recycled content in beverage bottles should then be at least 30 percent on average. PET to PET anticipates a further increase in demand for recyclates. Additional storage capacity is to be created by expanding the company's premises by 19,000 square meters. A photovoltaic system would also be built on the new site, which shall cover part of the production's energy needs in the future. According to PET to PET, there are also changes in the company's management. Thomas Billes (pictured right) has reportedly been responsible for the commercial aspects of the company's management as head of finance and sales since June.


  • Kunststoff Information (July 26, 2022)
  • Photo: © PET to PET (Andi Bruckern)

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