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Paving made from recycled plastic

LyondellBasell is testing the suitability of recycled plastic as a paving material with PLASTICS.

LyondellBasell and Plastics Industry Association - or PLASTICS for short - are collaborating on the Nemo Recycled PE project, which was launched in Washington State back in 2017 to identify market opportunities for recycled film, among other things. A current research project is now to test the extent to which recycled plastic is suitable as a paving material. For this purpose, paving material for a car park at the Cincinnati Technology Center in Ohio was produced from the equivalent of 71,000 plastic bags from retail stores. Over 1,800 kilograms of plastic waste was used for the 2,885 square metre car park. The results of the research project will be used to build an even larger car park using more than 9,000 kilograms of rPE, or the equivalent of 1.5 million plastic grocery bags.


  • (8.2.2021)
  • Photo: @ LyondellBasell

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