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Packaging: Cost contributions for more recycling

Customers of the Zentek dual system can make a financial contribution to ensuring that more than 63 percent of plastic packaging is recycled.


Zentek GmbH & Co. KG says it wants to achieve 100 percent recycling of plastic packaging through its dual system, not only for sustainable resource use and reduction of CO₂ emissions, but also because there is a high demand among manufacturers and distributors to have more recycled than is required for the legally mandated quota of 63 percent (from January 2022). Customers of the dual system who license their packaging there in accordance with the Packaging Act (VerpackG) can now obtain a participation option as an additional service via the platform. To ensure that 100 percent mechanical recycling of plastic packaging is then achieved with co-financing from the licensees, the mixed plastics resulting from the sorting process are to be sorted again in Zentek's facilities to extract further recyclable packaging. Mechanical recycling processes for mixed plastics are also to be supported. According to Zentek, participation is possible immediately and for customers of the dual system via Zentek sees advantages for manufacturers and distributors in, among other things, the possibility that customers who bring good recyclable packaging to market could strengthen their brand with and use their commitment for sustainability communication. Zentek also offers companies participating in the system the support of packaging engineers with regard to the development and optimization of packaging, if required.


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  • (9/22/2021)
  • Image: © Zentek

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