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New test center for flake sorting

Tomra opened its PO and PET flake testing center for the development of new solutions in Parma on Sept. 22.


During an exclusive event, Tomra demonstrated the new test center in close proximity to its headquarters in Parma, Italy. Against the backdrop of numerous inquiries about flake sorting and the increasing demand for high-quality recyclates, the company is said to want to use the test center to develop technological solutions for supplying the purest material fractions for all plastics applications. The focus here were on cooperation with customers. Customers worldwide could send their flakes to Parma for testing. In return, customers are said to receive recommendations for the most suitable machine, process and sensor configuration. The test concept would have been tried and tested many times, and Tomra has already had such test centers for decades in Germany, Japan, Korea, China and the USA, among others. In Parma, the company now has expanded testing capabilities, shorter lead times and greater flexibility, is said.



  • (9/27/2021)
  • (9/29/2021)
  • Photo: © Tomra

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