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New promotion recycled products at Lild and Kaufland

For the second time, the retail companies are offering household products that come from their own recycling loop.


To produce the recycled products, which are said to be made of 100 percent recycled plastic, PreZero, a system operator belonging to the Schwarz Group, reportedly collects packaging waste from private households via the yellow bag or yellow garbage can. This would be sorted, cleaned then processed into regranulate and finally into new household goods. Thus, a large part of the entire process, from collection to recycling and sale, was covered by companies in the Schwarz Group. The entire recycling and manufacturing process is said to be taking place in Europe, so that resources and the environment were conserved. Kaufland currently offers the recycled household products in its stores. At Lidl, the items such as organizers, trash and cleaning bins, laundry bins, and transport and storage boxes are expected to be available from Sept. 27, 2021.



  • (9.9.2021)
  • Photo: © Schwarz Group

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