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New members in Forum Rezyklat

The environmental organisation WWF becomes a member of the Forum Rezyklat, as does the Edeka Group.


The Forum Rezyklat unites companies from all sectors of the recycling industry, from industry and trade to the waste disposal and recycling industry. Together they want to promote the recycling of packaging by developing practical and consumer-oriented solutions for packaging. Their self-imposed goal is to contribute to increasing the recycling rate and the recycling share in packaging.

According to its own statement, the environmental organisation WWF has been committed to such a closed loop system for years and works together with companies to achieve this. The WWF also advocates a binding international agreement against plastic waste in the environment. Plastic was a versatile material, but too little packaging was recycled, says the WWF. It was high time to leave the throwaway society behind. In this respect, they were pleased to be working on solutions in the Forum Rezyklat with companies from the most important sector, which were responsible for packaging.

With the Edeka group, one of these most important representatives is also joining the Forum Rezyklat. In addition to Edeka, the association also includes Netto and Budni, which want to emphasise the importance of recycled materials and recyclable packaging for their own brands. According to Edeka, the companies in the association want to push recycling. By the end of the year, for example, the proportion of rPET in the 1.5-litre mineral water bottles of the "Gut & Günstig" brand is to increase to 50 per cent. In the case of bottles for cleaning agents, among other things, the recycled content were about 53 per cent, and in the case of one brand of bottle bodies it was as high as 100 per cent.


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  • (11/26/2021)
  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 48/2021 (11/30/2021)
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