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New head of communications at Plastics Europe Germany

Bettina Dempewolf heads communications for the Plastics Producers Association in Germany.


Dempewolf brings more than two decades of experience in marketing, communications and politics. Most recently, as head of network and events at SKZ, she was responsible for the plastics center's trade conference business, member network and trade show appearances. "My ambition is to enter into dialogue and to bring the knowledge we have in our industry to the public. But I also want to bring criticism, suggestions and ideas to the industry," says Dempewolf. Plastics Europe is the pan-European association of plastics producers with offices in several European economic centers. The association, which says it has nearly 1.000 member companies, sees itself as a key player in the plastics industry and aims to work openly and closely with various stakeholders to develop safe, recyclable and resource-efficient ideas and products. The aim is to intensively drive the industry's transformation toward greater sustainability.


  • Pressreleaes PlasticsEurope Germany (July 4, 2023)
  • Photo: © PlasticsEurope Germany

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